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Ostomy Swimming Products

Swimming with a stoma is always possible with following recommendations:

It is always possible to practice swimming with the collection bag system placed in its place. For sanitary reasons, you must use a self-adhesive bag to swim in the pool  or in the sea.

Keep in mind the following:

Before swimming, remember to empty the bag first and eat or drink lightly.

Choice of a swimsuit

You may want to wear a swimsuit or swimsuit with a coating to get a flatter profile. In Ostocare we have developed our fabrics with colours and materiales that can help disguise the bag system.

For the women:

We recommend our Swimming Ostomy Band made from Spandex specially for use with swimsuits, these come with a pouch to keep the bag in place.

For men:

We recommend the use of a longer suit with wide waist.

You can also consider wearing the Spandex Swimming Ostomy Band under the swimsuit. These are sold on our website with an option for a pouch to hold the ostomy bag in place.